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The podcast network for serious golfers. TalkinGolf launched as an online audio show way back before podcasts (or even the iPhone) were a thing. We've been on an extended break since 2012 but now we're back and creating new and interesting content each week as well as a sprinkling of some of the best stuff from the archives.

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  • Episode 27: TG History 27: History of Donald Ross Part 1

    January 18th, 2020  |  1 hr 14 mins

    The History of Donald Ross, Part 1 of a 2 Part Interview with Donald Ross expert, Bradley S. Klein. In this episode, Bradley discusses the strategy, the issues and the internal tug of war of restoring a Donald Ross course, as well as some of his favorite private and publicly accessible Donald Ross courses.

    There is also an insider's look at fighting for the restoration of a brilliant Donald Ross golf hole.

  • Episode 26: TG History 26: The Myths of Ben Hogan

    January 10th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 47 mins
    ben hogan, hogan, secret, the secret

    On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we dive into "The Myths of Ben Hogan" by examining the historical periodicals of the moments that shaped his legend. We are joined by Jeff Martin, the creator of the "Thinking About Golf" website who speaks at length about the myths that helped create the Legend.

  • Episode 25: TG History 25: 125 years of the USGA

    December 22nd, 2019  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 42 mins

    On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we celebrate the USGA's 125th anniversary with our special guest, Senior Golf Historian for the USGA, Victoria Nenno. On this episode, Victoria discusses what preceded the USGA, the events that led to its creation and the early years of the organization.

    Sounds stuffy? Don't count on it - the stories that unfold are both interesting and comical even as Connor tries to convince Victoria (unsuccessfully) that Willie Dunn is in fact the first US Open Champion.

    This podcast should be an instant classic.

  • Episode 24: TG History 24: The Underrated, John Ball, Jr.

    December 9th, 2019  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 24 mins

    On this episode of the TalkinGolf History podcast we turn back the clock more than 100 years to spend some time reflecting on the remarkable feats of the "everyman champion," John Ball, Junior with author Alistair Noakes.

    Alistair Noakes, author of "Hoylake Hero" joins the podcast to talk about one of the most underrated champion golfers in golf's illustrous history- the first amateur golfer in history to win a professional major, John Ball, Junior.

    If you are interested in purchasing Mr. Noakes book, please log onto:

  • Episode 23: TG History 23: The Most Unique Tournament in the World?

    November 22nd, 2019  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 44 secs
    connor lewis, golf collector, gutty golf, hickory golf, nhc, pete georgiady

    Golf Collecting Pioneer, Pete Georgiady joins us on the TalkinGolf History podcast to discuss how he became one of the foremost experts in the world on antique golf clubs and to discuss one of the most unique golf tournaments in the world...The National Hickory Championship.
    You may have heard of golfers playing hickory shafted clubs, but only the diehards are crazy enough to play pre-1900 golf under pre-1900 golf rules.

    Take a stroll back in time with us today on Episode 23 of the TalkinGolf History Podcast - to tales of yesteryear and a game that hasnt quite past us by.

  • TG History 22: The Club That Time Forgot: LZGC

    November 7th, 2019  |  1 hr 3 secs

    Lake Zurich Golf Club is the club that time forgot. On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast our special guest, Ed Rutledge gives our listeners a glimpse into the world of one of the most exclusive and perhaps recluse golf clubs in the United States.

    The story that unfolds over the next hour will amaze you, it will make you laugh and I believe in the end, it will make you want to join the little nine hole club of only 2600 yards and a mere 32 members. Stories like this are why I started this podcast. Things to listen for: Dead Bodies, Weird Rules, Marilyn Monroe, and the toughest question I have ever asked on a podcast and our guest's shocking answer!!!

    Did the members of Lake Zurich Golf Club actually eat the greens keeper's children??? That is not a joke! Listen and hear the whole story!!!

  • Episode 21: TG History 21: History of Sharp Park

    October 21st, 2019  |  1 hr 4 mins

    We live in an era of renewed appreciation for the golf course architecture that came before us. For the past decade some of the greatest golf courses in the world have undergone restoration projects to bring back the original intentions of the their architects. On Episode 21 of TalkinGolf History we focus on one project - a course that was designed by the man many consider to be the greatest golf course architect of all-time; Dr. Alister MacKenzie and his gift to the average golfer, an everyman's course, his only public course that sits on the sea...Sharp Park. Bo Links joins the podcast to share the history of Sharp Park, how he and others saved it, and their efforts to restore it for future generations.

  • TG History 20: Payne Stewart - The Whole Story

    October 10th, 2019  |  1 hr 31 mins

    Twenty years ago this month the world followed the breaking news story of the unresponsive plane that crashed in an open field in South Dakota. One of the passengers on that fatal journey was Payne Stewart.
    In 2019 author Kevin Robbins takes us all on a different kind of journey, the journey of Payne Stewart’s growth as a golfer and his growth as a man in his new book, “The Last Stand of Payne Stewart: The Year Golf Changed Forever.”
    The TalkinGolf History Podcast looks back on the high points, the low points and the last journey of the three time major winner.

    You can buy Kevin's book at all good bookstores and on line at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, among others.
    TalkinGolf History is part of, the podcast network for serious golfers.

  • TG History 19: George Roddy - Unknown Champion

    September 22nd, 2019  |  53 mins 48 secs

    The amazing story of George Roddy, the best golfer you've never heard of. Rick Brown, legendary golf writer from Iowa, will soon release a book on the history of golf in the Midwestern State and a big part of that story is George Roddy. Roddy is a character of particular interest to TalkinGolf History host Connor Lewis and in Episode 19 the pair trade tales of the feats of a man whose career is tragically underappreciated and acknowledged.

  • TG History 18: From The Fringe - Slow Play

    September 6th, 2019  |  19 mins 8 secs

    Outrage and social media go hand in hand but recent outbursts aimed at JB Holmes and Bryson DeChambeau over slow play are just the continuation of one of golf's great traditions. Since coverage of the game began, complaints about the pace of okay have been a staple in the golf news cycle. On this special episode of From The Fringe, Society of Golf Historians founder Connor Lewis takes us through the history of golf played at snail's pace..

  • TG History 17: Bob Jones IV Talks About His Legendary Grandfather

    August 16th, 2019  |  1 hr 17 mins

    Growing up in a famous family brings its own unique difficulties but after struggling with the pressure in his early years Bob Jones IV has come to embrace being the Grandson of the greatest amateur golfer of all time. In this excellent and wide ranging interview with Connor Lewis, Jones talks about everything from the three trophies that meant the most to his grandfather to accusations about Jones' racism.

  • TG History 16: Author Stephen Proctor On Young Tom Morris

    August 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 16 mins

    Long before there was Tiger Woods there was Young Tom Morris. Four times a winner of The Open and the first golfer who could truly be referred to as a touring professional, his fascinating but tragic life story is far from well known enough among golfers worldwide. But that is set to change with the release of a remarkable book - Monarch Of The Green - by former newspaper journalist and editor Stephen Proctor. Proctor joins the TG History podcast to talk about his inspiration for writing the book and the process of putting it together.

  • TG History 15: From The Fringe - The Stolen Major

    July 17th, 2019  |  21 mins 58 secs

    We take the majors for granted in the modern era but things could have been much different after one of the most controversial incidents in the history of the game in 1871. This is the story of 'The Stolen Major'.

  • TG History 14: Dr Tony Parker and The Open

    July 12th, 2019  |  1 hr 19 mins

    With the 148th Open just around the corner who better to talk history than the man who was the first Curator of Golf Collections in the Special Collections Division of the University of St Andrews? Dr Tony Parker is regarded by his peers as one of the game's foremost historians and joins the podcast to talk all things Open (with a few rabbit holes along the way).

  • TG History 13: The Remarkable Moe Norman

    June 20th, 2019  |  1 hr 23 mins

    According to Tiger Woods only two players in history have 'owned' their golf swings: the great Ben Hogan and Canada's Moe Norman. Hogan is revered internationally as one of the game's greatest ever exponents and while Norman enjoys less celebrity, his feats of extraordinary hitting are equally legendary among golf aficionados. Moe Norman might be the most remarkable golfer that ever lived and his story is as fascinating as any of the game's celebrated legends. On episode 13 we meet Tim O'Connor, the man who wrote the first book about Moe in 1995 and remains committed to telling Moe's story to this day.

  • TG History 12: How The US Open Got Off To A False Start

    June 6th, 2019  |  1 hr 12 mins

    As the 119th US Open bears down on us TalkinGolf HIstory's Connor Lewis has the fascinating tale of the first US Open - and first TWO US Amateurs - that were erased from the history books. There is also a quick recap of last week's essay style narrative on Johnny McDermott plus listener questions about America's national championship.